Architecture design samples

Enterprise Architecture (EA) – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) N-tier architecture design Architecture stack Online Auction Software Auctionwrox Enterprise’s Architecture Other Architecture designs I don’t design the above sample architecture designs. just sharing and I think on these designs 😀

Email mechanism for enterprise applications

Today,i wonder that how to create scheduled tasks in .net applications and i applied many sample scenario.I want to share email mechanism for enterprise .net applications in this post.You can see many scenario in below and you can apply 🙂 Examples of scheduled tasks: You want to automatically  compose payments output-extre for customers(monthly) You want …

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Checking web service running or not status (3 sample app)

Hi everyone, i started to think about web service design and testing for enterprise applications.In this post i will share sample apps that i did for web service running status test.Especially we can use frequently this type tools in production environment.we can send e-mail through this tools for critical web services that all system have a …

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[Code] Extention method for validation web service address

Our projects consist of many web service and it’s so important that have used application-to -application communications and these url address of web services must be valid.Because be valid or be running web service doesn’t  affect single app , affect all apps. i am coded a extention method for validation web service address , in below code snippet …

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