EF Codefirst with Design Patterns

I frequently use codefirst approach of  Entity Framework in my asp.net mvc projects. Thefore I want to do much more flexible,independency using design patterns and that project is output. Briefly; Factory Pattern : ContextFactory Singleton Pattern : ContextFactory and UnitOfWork UnitOfWork Pattern  Repository Pattern :  Generic Repository Decorator Pattern : RepositoryDecoratorBase – CachableRepository, LoggableRepository, AuditableRepository Dependency Injection : …

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Command Design pattern

Hi everyone, in one of previous my posts, I illustrated the using of command design pattern (command query reponsibility separation with command processor) via here.in this post I will exemine this pattern as simpler. Intent – encapsulate a request in an object – allows the parameterization of clients with different requests – allows saving the requests …

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DbJunkFinder app for junk database objects (export txt)

A simple console app for getting list of junk database objects (table,view,stored procedure,function,trigger) General Structure – Class Diagram DbJunkFinder‘s main class Application output: export txt files you can download via github for application all codes. see you next post

Composition Design Pattern

Definition The intent of this pattern is to compose objects into tree structures to represent part-whole hierarchies.Composite lets clients treat individual objects and compositions of objects uniformly. Composition design pattern’s uml diagram our hierarchies implementation to composition design pattern Class Diagram See you next post