Daily technical words from my twitter

  • Software engineer does not make mistakes, is aware of his mistake
  • Theory equal principle , application equal pattern (these equations is important)
  • Concept of Interface in object oriented programming define the functionalities of objects,not with names of objects.
  • Each code exactly need to refactoring
  • Data Access Layer doesn’t use only for database access.In your applications Data Store can be database(Oracle,MS Sql server,SqlLite,MySql,Db2),data files (log files,trace files,.txt,excel reports e.g.) and Intenal & External Service Sources
  •  Change is only immutable and Software is a process.
  • Every good software, developer begins a personal urge
  • People,systems and between organizations is blurring the boundaries == .NET vision
  • One of the most important skills in software is change perspective
  • Software developing is so difficult , testing is so expensive
  • Quality has a price, in software that price is time
  • MVC is not a software architecture, is a design pattern related user interface design in enterprise level.
  • Architecture is not a abstract design, is concrete design( web servers,database server,application servers)
  • Logical Layers is software design , Physical tiers is software architecture
  • Good Architecture is a critical factor in the system development
  • Software System Design must develop being aware non-functional requirements

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