Email mechanism for enterprise applications

Today,i wonder that how to create scheduled tasks in .net applications and i applied many sample scenario.I want to share email mechanism for enterprise .net applications in this post.You can see many scenario in below and you can apply šŸ™‚

Examples of scheduled tasks:

  • You want to automatically Ā compose payments output-extre for customers(monthly)
  • You want to automatically send from an email-queue in the database (sample project in below)
  • You want to automatically archive or report the data.
  • Retrieving stats from Google analyticsĀ and fill a table in the database.
  • You want to automatically compose payment files Ā in financial applications
  • You want to automatically listen error files and then send email to developer team

I used EF codefirst for data access and FluentValidation for validation Ā in this email sender tool

Email mechanism’s class diagram

Email mechanism for enterprise apps

Mechanism’s main Code Snippet

you can download via my github repository

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