Pluggable application modular in mvc

Previously ,i shared an a headed  sample module design with mvc concept. In this post,I’ll illustrate designing our large-scale mvc web projects using the areas.

You’ll develop a web application using mvc, this web application has many sub-applications or module.You create an area inside core mvc project for these sub-applications and so you can develop more easy sub-app or application modules.This really useful modularization technique.

Real Life Example: is core web application. Video channel,forum,blog,health portal,magazine is different web applications(different .dll).But these application modules depends on core web application.


now,let’s take a look at the about pluggable application architecture in following diagram


You have to create AreaRegistration class for each module, namely area

Solution Design


Screen View

myrrUntitled myUntitled_1_xx

You can download via github , have a good hard-coding

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