Service Designing

Everything is diagram.You see enterprise system with a wide perspective and know can also easily manage these enterprise projects. I came across a interesting article in association with diagrams.You can available this article via 100 Diagrams That Changed the World

Now Let’s take a look my visio drawings about services 😀

Diagram : 0

Each web or windows service application (service provider application) can consist of multiple service.


Diagram : 1


Diagram : 2.1

Enterprise Applications have multiple application server an this is mostly three.Each application server come true  also spesific tasks of application services an tools. For instance; Web Services in a app server,Windows services in other app server, pdf builder directory in other app server or Report Services in another app server and so on.


Diagram : 2.2

App Servers’ specific task is significant and whole system may be affected from these tasks’ errors


Diagram : 2.3

Therefore you should install all tool and services related enterprise application for each app server.You just switch on/off mode.


have a good codeday 😀

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